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Sharyne Jewell

Principle, Dance Like A Diva
Producer, Blue Cabaret
Organiser, Blue Bazaar

by Kristy Southers (ex Sydney Dance Company)

Sharyne is an experienced dancer, dance teacher, and fitness instructor (as well as an award-winning artist). Her career spans over 30 years and began with classical ballet training at the Solymossy Ballet & Music Academy aka Australian Ballet Comique in Melbourne, under the direction of Kalman Solymossy.

Very early in her career, Sharyne was sought after as a contemporary dancer, showgirl performer and choreographer. Her career took her to the UK, Europe and the US, where she successfully performed for two decades within the exclusive and elite socialite world of the rich and famous.

Upon her return to Australia, Sharyne performed and choreographed Contemporary and Cabaret shows for Sydney’s Victoria Room, The Oxford Arts Festival, The Beauchamp Hotel, TAP Gallery, Mardi Gras, Mr Boylesque (winning performances) and many numerous private functions. Her dance style experience now also includes Jazz Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Salsa, Bachata, Afro-contemporary, Japanese Butoh, and Burlesque.

Sharyne is a qualified fitness and yoga instructor and is the founder of the Sydney based burlesque dance school, Dance Like a Diva (D.L.A.D).

She is the creator and owner of Burly-fit® - a style of dance fitness inspired by Burlesque and Showgirl technique with Contemporary dance influences.

In addition to her role at D.L.A.D, Sharyne works as a dance educator within a number of Sydney secondary schools. She facilitates her bespoke dance program created specifically for youth disability and refugee services. These programs are designed to raise the self-esteem of women and teenage girls.

Sharyne is passionate about empowering women to reach their full potential. She is dedicated to her career and is successful. However, most of all, Sharyne is dedicate to, and passionate… about dance!

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